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Contacting futurist Amy Webb

Contacting futurist Amy Webb


Contact Me

I would absolutely love to hear from you, and you can reach me via the contact form below. I personally read and respond to every message that comes in, though it may take me a bit of time depending on my schedule. 

Media Requests:
If you are a reporter and want to interview me for a story, or if you need FTI research, please contact Cheryl Cooney at cheryl@futuretodayinstitute.com or 267-342-4300. This includes requests for broadcast appearances.

Media Requests - Books

The Big Nine (launched on March 5, 2019)
If you are a reporter or reviewer, please send your request to my publicists Mark Fortier, Lisa Barnes and Jamie Leifer. Mark can be reached at mark@fortierpr.com, Lisa at lisa@fortierpr.com and Jamie can be reached at 212-364-1100 or jaime.leifer@hbgusa.com. Please make sure to cc Cheryl Cooney cheryl@futuretodayinstitute.com

The Signals Are Talking (hardcover 2016; paperback 2017)
Please send your request to Jaime Leifer at PublicAffairs: 212-364-1100 or jaime.leifer@hbgusa.com, and make sure to cc Cheryl Cooney cheryl@futuretodayinstitute.com

Data, A Love Story (hardcover 2013; paperback 2014)
Send your request to Cheryl Cooney at cheryl@futuretodayinstitute.com.

Lecturing and Speaking Engagements
I'm represented exclusively by Stern Speakers. Please be in touch with Danny Stern at danny@sternstrategy.com, Mel Blake at mblake@sternstrategy.com or Ania Trzepizur at ania@sternstrategy.com. You can also reach them at (908) 276-4344.

If you'd like to learn more about a custom workshop for your organization, please be in touch with Mel Blake at mblake@sternstrategy.com or (908) 276-4344.

Prospective Future Today Institute clients: We'd love to hear from you. Please email hello@futuretodayinstitute.com or call 267-342-4300. 

Prospective NYU MBA students: I'm teaching Thursday nights Spring 2019. Registration is first-come, first served. Please note that I'm not able to make any exceptions to Stern's audit or waitlist policies.

TV/ Film consulting requests: If you are a producer or writer working on tech/ science/ future-themed shows and film projects and would like my help, please contact Mel Blake at mblake@sternstrategy.com.

Film rights for Data and my TED talk: The rights have been claimed and a movie is already in production.

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